29 June 2008

Bran Castle, Romania

The famous Bran Castle, better know as Dracula's Castle, even if it's connections with Vlad Dracula were scarce, is presented here in a very nice slide show, with medieval music.

The castle has been built in 1377 - 1378, due to an act of Louis of Anjou, conferring the inhabitants of Braşov "the right to erect in Bran a stone fortress with them own effort and money". Placed on a hill that overlooks the old commercial route between Braşov and Câmpulung, the castle was for long used as a custom. Today the castle and it's courtyard shelters the history and medieval museum and the ethnography museum.

Vlad Ţepeş (1431-1476)

Here is a short presentation of Dracula related places. We have the well-known image of Vlad's unique portrait, a statue of Vlad, the walls of Poienari Castle, the image of impaled people and a coat of arms of the Dragons (second 59 - 61), images from Snagov Monastery:

28 June 2008

Dracula . Raymond McNally

here is a presentation of a CDRom created to present Bram Stoker's Dracula. Myth or reality. Comment by famous historian and middle ages specialist, Raymond McNally.

26 June 2008

Bram Stoker's Dracula storyboard

Here is the storyboard use to conceptualize Coppola's vision of the 1992 Dracula movie:

24 June 2008

Dracula symphony

Dracula - Suite for full orchestra the young French composer Alexis Savelief

23 June 2008

Dracula's Death

here I found an excerpt from "La Mort de Dracula" , the second piece of a Suite for full orchestra of the very young French composer Alexis Savelief (he wrote it when he was only 12)! The Suite was titled "Le Tombeau de Dracula". The three pieces were: I. Dracula / II. La Mort de Dracula / III. Final

Dracula - 1958 trailer by BFI

In 2007 the British Film Institute, BFI has restored the trailer of the 1958 movie Dracula.

see the older, original version of the 1958 trailer here

22 June 2008

Dracula (1958) - Trailer

also known as "Horror of Dracula" and directed by Terence Fisher, the movie, marked with a 7.7 on IMDB is featuring Peter Cushing and
Christopher Lee

Sword of Dracula - Trailer

Dracula 1931

Here is the beggining of the first official Dracula movie, of 1931, produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr and featuring Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye. All in one post, for a better experience:

The Longer I Live - Dracula, The Musical

Thomas Borchert singing "The Longer I Live" (Je länger ich lebe) in the Graz production of Dracula, The Musical.

Dracula (1931) Part 4/8

Here is part 4 of the 1931 Dracula movie, with Bela Lugosi.

Go here to see other Dracula movies, as well as details about the 1931 one.

21 June 2008

Dracula 1931- part 3/8

Third part of the same movie, Dracula (1931), with Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye.

Aboard the Vesta. Bound for England.

20 June 2008

"Dracula" book

Some info on this site are due to Matei Cazacu's book Dracula. I bought it from Milan, Italy, and studied it in Italian, starting two years ago as I cannot find it in Romanian language. It was strange that a Romanian historian living in Paris has written one of the best books about Vlad Dracula and it never appeared in Romanian, neither in English. I only found it in French, Spanish and Italian.

However on this year's book fair in Bucharest, Bookfest 2008 I had the pleasant surprise to see the book published by Humanitas.
Congratulations, Humanitas, for finally publishing it in Romania.
Here is a review of the book.

Dracula 1931 - part2/8

Here is the second part of the 1931 Dracula movie, featuring Bela Lugosi:

see the part 3 of the movie here

19 June 2008

Dracula (1931)

Waw, I found on youtube the 1931 movie Dracula (my favorite by far) .

here is Dracula (1931) classic movie Part 1/8 :

Dracula 1931 - part 2

12 June 2008

Dracula Origin

Dracula Origin tribute to Bela Lugosi and Bauhaus

03 June 2008

Old Horror Movie Trailers

Old Horror Movie Trailers 1 (1930s-1940s):

  • Dracula (1931)

  • Frankenstein (1931)

  • The Mummy (1932)

  • The Mummy's Hand (1940)

  • The Phantom of the Opera (1943)