28 July 2007

Vlad the Impaler on Discovery Channel

The last part of the documentary presented by Discovery on the history of Vlad the Impaler. Vlad's retreat in Transylvania, his last reign and his death near Bucharest are briefly presented:

Also watch the first and the second part of the documentary .

Vlad the Impaler - Discovery documentary

Vlad the Impaler - Dracula.

The second part of the documentary about Vlad Dracula presents the reign of Vlad Dracula from his second ascent to the Wallachian throne. Professor Raymond Mc Nally , author, together with Prof. Radu R. Florescu of the book "Dracula - prince of many faces", is a real Dracula expert, as well as Matei Cazacu.

Is presented his revenge over the boyars (that allegedly killed his father and elder brother Mircea); boyars are send to build the castle of Poienari, still considered the real Dracula Castle.
The impaling technique is also presented, however so far I haven't heard of any serious proof that Vlad was putting his bread in the blood of the people he was impaling.
The war of 1462, against the Sultan Mehmed II presents impressive war strategy for that time.
Anyway, let's better watch the documentary:

The first part of the documentary is here
The last part of the presentation of Vlad Dracula in the Discovery's series of Most Evil Men in History.

27 July 2007

History of Dracula on Discovery Channel

History of Vlad the Impaler

Discovery Channel presents this professional short movie about the life of Vlad III Dracula, in the series "The most evil men in history".

I like it for respecting the historic truth, although McNally sometimes presents as facts some aspects that are only supposed, without enough proofs.

07 July 2007

Documentary Movies about Dracula

Dracula Documentaries

There are a lot of documentary movies about Dracula, both amateur video as well as professional ones.

Movies about Vlad Dracula's life

1. an amateur five minutes video describing Dracula's History.

2. After following the first video here is a proffesional documentary, emphasizing more the myth part of the story around Vlad Ţepeş (Vlad the Impaler), somehow normal considering this is a commercial movie. However I didn't find big errors in the movie, my comments are inside the post.

3. The full documentary about Dracula

Discovery Channel Dracula documentary

4. A professional short documentary with History of Dracula is this one realized by Discovery Channel. You can also watch the documentary about Vlad Dracula here

5. Here we have part 2 of the documentary made by Discovery upon Vlad the Impaler

6. and the third and last part of the Discovery Channel's documentary movie about Dracula

7. Transylvania. History, Legend, Mistery. A very nice romanian documentary presenting Transylvania (even if it starts with the the Sphynx, that is not placed in Transylvania, but few meters away, in Bucegi Mountains. There really are something like two kilometers from the Sphynx to the Dragosn's Ridge, in the same Bucegi mountains, that represents the geographical and geological determination of the limit between Transylvania and Wallachia), the history and the legend of Vlad Dracula. Part II of the documentary about Dracula, the origins of the legends about his cruelty - please also read my comments for this. here is the third part of the documentary about Dracula's life.
Fourth part of the documentary presents the fortified citadels in Transylvania, the reason and the way the fortifications were built, as well as the villger's systems used to defend themselves
Fortified citadels of Fagaras, Codlea, Prejmer, the medieval town of Medias are presented in fifth part.
Middle-ages people's mentality, medieval town of Sibiu, gothic architecture in Cluj Napoca.
Last part of the documentary "Transylvania. History, Legend, Myth" speaks about the beauty of life, the pleasure of discovery and the beauty of history and ...of life.

8. Sky News about Vlad Dracula. Origins of Dracula's name, Bran Castle, Poienari Castle, how Vlad is seen today.

Lost World of Dracula (by History Channel)

9. A fantastic animation brings back to life a lost world: the World of Dracula, of the middle-ages in Transylvania and Wallachia.

10. History of Dracula: Bran Castle, Târgovişte (Dracula's first princely court)

11. Impaling - Vlad favorite punishment. Poienari Castle - it's construction, architecture, engineering.

12. Vlad Dracula's campaign against the Saxons in Braşov. His palace in Bucharest.

Another Dracula Documentary

A short sequence of a documentary aiming to present what is true and what is only myth in all the stories about Vlad the Impaler

Cities of the Underworld. Dracula

Documentary of History Channel

In search of ...Dracula

A nice documentary that I find very helpful for my project. I mind you one of the targets of this project "Dracula - The Truth" is the help distinguishing Dracula myth from the historic reality.
Here it the first part of the documentary
In search of Dracula - part II
In search of Dracula - part III

Vlad Dracula armor and impaling techniques

Here is a documentary by Massimo Polidoro about impalement methods in the middle-ages

Voyager - Documentary about Dracula

Dracula documentary in Italian

Vampire Secrets

Part 1, part 2, focused on Dracula, part 3 - about Elizabeth Bathory, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

Documentary short clip about Vlad the Impaler

The life of Vlad the Impaler is briefly presented in this short movie called Killers for Christ.

[UPDATE: Video was removed, but I'll keep the post as a collection of references to others related to Vlad Țepeș]

Here are my comments on it:
1. it is only supposed that Vlad III was born in November or December 1931

2. The facts about Vlad Dracul are true (or what in history is a generally accepted truth), one can find here more details about the fascinating life of Vlad Dracul.

3. After 1448 Vlad came to Vallachia to take the throne and, taking advantage of the fact that Vladislav II was attacking the turks on the right side of the Danube, together with his protected John Hunyadi. In fact the real reason for Vlad's liberation was, from the Turks' part, to set him as a ruler of Wallachia. His brother Radu the Handsom remained and there are good proof that he became sultan's lover.

4. at min. 1:42 indeed in Chindia Tower in Târgoviste there are some copy of the old designs representing the building of Poienari citadel. I only wish to remind that the capital was in Targoviste by that time, that's why there was a 50miles trek up to Poienari.

5. min 2:26 - he used brutal punishment methods (like impaling) againd Transylvanian merchants but especially agains the transylvanian saxon population that was hospitating and sheltering him rivals for the Wallachian throne.

6. Facts about 1462 are generally accepted but the romanian historians still discuss if the Turks' campaig in Wallachia was a failure or a success. Only an unfortunate confusion made Vlad not killed the sultan. While the turkish army was resting on the left side of the Danube, after hardly passing the Danube in Vidin Vlad attacked by night and, even if he has been spying the turks's camp before he missed sultan's tent and so the opportunity to kill him.

7. At 3:42 we can admire the terrifying figure of Bela Lugosi in the movie Dracula, of 1931, the first official movie about Dracula.

Generally this video respect the historic truth and is a good short presentation of Vlad Dracula's life. I really like it for this and highly recommend it !