22 September 2010

Dracula - Voivode and Vampire

At Romania's National Art Museum, in Bucharest, there is an exhibition called Dracula - Voivode and vampire.
The exhibition remains open until Sunday, October, 10th, 2010
The highlight of the exhibition is Dracula's portrait conserved at Ambras Castle in Innsbruck.
But it also features arms, munitions, costumes, documents, engraving, but also scenes from movies about the famous Dracula. Personally I find the title pretty uninspired, too commercial and confusing, but basically both Vlad III Dracula and Bram Stoker's Count Dracula are features here within. So it worth visiting.

13 September 2010

Sting - Moon Over Bourbon Street

Well, this might not be directly related to Dracula, but is impressive. I went to Sting's concert in Stockholm and was really amazed by the orchestration, by the atmosphere he manages to create. Simply amazing.
The video below is not from Stockholm, but still from his Symphonicity Tour, 2010:

01 September 2010

Dracula: The True Story

This is the Full program (36 minutes) of a good documentary about Vlad Dracula. Scenes from the movies, interviews with historians, priests...
As the documentary says, Dracula is a mixture of reality, superstition, fearful fantasies and history.

Here you can find more documentaries about Dracula