12 January 2009

Was Dracula a Real Person ?

I've seen a lot of people recently are trying to find if Dracula was real. Was he a real person or just a legend ?

Well, to make things clear here are the facts: Vlad III Dracula was a ruler of Wallachia (Southern part of the current Romania) that lived in the 15th century. He was born in Sighi┼čoara in 1431 and took the throne for the first time when he was 17. Here is a detailed presentation of his life.
He died killed in a battle in 1476.

Count Dracula, as people knows him, is a fictional character of Bram Stoker, inspired by the 15-th century bloody ruler. Bram Stoker's novel inspired a long series of movies, and you can see part of the Dracula movies here.

That's about all.

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Darayl said...

He definetly was a real person!
However,people should start seing him as what he trully was and not that Hollywood vampire s--t.Everyone knows him as Vlad Dracu,even today.("Dracu" means "the devil").Also he wasnt a killing machine the way most foreing documentaries tries to make him look like.He didnt killed random innocent people,just those who betrayed our country,criminals,and those who wanted to counquer our territory.
As a romanian citizen I can easily tell you that most people today are wishing for a ruler like Vlad.