23 December 2008

Dracula. Prince of Darkness - part 3

<< first part of "Dracula. Prince of Darkness" and the second one.
Part IV >>

Vlad Dracula. Origins of the Legend

Romania Countryside. Fear of the undead is still very powerful. For example the horses have a red tassel to protect them from deochi (the evil eye).
Romanians folk myths (very powerful among villagers) are presented. If you walk by night you have to take care not to meet the devil. We know that Bram Stoker has studied this myths.

Let's see in this documentary if Romania's death-related traditions might have represented the spring of inspiration for Stoker's novel, "Dracula". We see how people deals with the present of the undead (strigoi).

Vlad Dracula was definitely not a strigoi. He was seen like a hero, not as a vampire, as Stoker's novel presents him.

Impalement Techniques

Here is a short movie of Massimo Polidoro, presenting the medieval armor in Wallachia and Vlad Dracula's impalement techniques and the psychological effect of the view of impaled people. This is a short sequence from a documentary he co-hosted for Dicovery Channel.
To make a distinction between the real and the fictional Dracula Polidoro uses Vlad Țepeș to refer to Vlad III and Dracula to refer to Bram Stoker's character.
Seems really good documented, I would like to see the full documentary:

20 December 2008

Prince of Darkness - part II

Here is the second part from the 1966 movie "Dracula. Prince of Darkness":

Here is the first part of the 1966 movie

Other Dracula movies.

19 December 2008

Dracula - Prince of Darkness

Yet another Dracula Movie !
"Dracula. Prince of Darkness", from Hammer Studios, starring Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley and Andrew Keir.
The movie is rated 6.5 out of 10 on imdb and the rating also reflect my opinion about it.

Watch the second part of Dracula Prince of Darkness here

17 December 2008

Târgovişte, Dracula's princely court

We get a better view of Dracula's princely court from Chindia Tower (the Sunset Tower). Thanks to this guys that took a small movie and posted it online. If we ignore the quality of the movie, we still get a snapshot of how it looked and how it looks today

Târgovişte, Dracula

I realized there is not too much information about Târgovişte, where Vlad Dracula had his princely court. So here is a video presentation of the ruins of the princely court

11 December 2008

Vlad Dracula in images

Here is a slide-show of images briefly presenting in less than two minutes the life of Vlad Ţepeş (1431 - 1476).

10 December 2008

Dracula - Bram Stoker

Dracula di Bram Stoker.
Sequence from the Italian version on Dracula, by Bram Stocker.
Bram stocker - Dracula in Italiano (il principe dei vampiri):

09 December 2008

Dracula Related Images and Objects

I just found this slideshow presenting some interesting old maps, three portraits of Vlad Dracula (of which the first is the copy on the only one preserved since it's XV-th century, the ancient badge and cross of the Order of the Dragon, The Night Attack a painting by Theodor Aman, one of Romania's most famous painters.
We also get presented images from Chindia Tower, at 00:31
Very interesting is:
- Vlad Dracula's coat of arms, at 00:36 - 00:40
- a map of Europe in the XV-th century - is clearly how Wallachia and Moldova were under pressure from the big empires: the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman one,
- a detailed map of Wallachia;
- one image from a cemetery, I'm quite sure is from the cemetery in Sighişoara.

Well, a good slideshow, congratulations to the author!

08 December 2008

Vlad Dracula Documentary

Here is a known documentary that I have to link to again. It contains some inexact or misleading data, like presenting Vlad's first home in Wallachia, after his birth...well we know that Vlad was born in Sighişoara, in the middle of Transylvania.

from the series, The Most Evil Men in History, Vlad The Impaler:

06 December 2008

In Search of Dracula III

this is the third part of the documentary "In Search of Dracula"

You can watch the second part here

In Search of Dracula

Second part of the documentary "In Search of Dracula" presents Snagov, where many thought Dracula was buried, as well as Transylvania (mainly Sighişoara, where Vlad was born in 1431). It says that Vlad Dracula thought salvation can be obtained by punishing people. However, as it seems the documentary presents some painted monasteries from Moldova, presenting biblical scenes about good and evil, heaven and hell. From Vlad's young-hood dates also the first painted monasteries in Bucovina, Moldova.
And we know Vlad went to Suceava, by that time capital of Moldova, where his mother was from , after he was put away from the throne in 1448. We get presented the ruins and the history of Suceava, then Braşov, where Vlad manifested one of his most cruel atrocities, as well as images from the Court of Târgovişte.
Also few images from the Old court of Bucharest are completing the overview of Vlad Dracula's life

Here is part 3 of the documentary about Dracula

05 December 2008

Vlad Dracula Documentary

Celebrating post nb. 200

Started almost two years ago, the project "Vlad Dracula - The Truth" reached it's post nb. 200. With this occasion, I found a good documentary presenting Vlad Dracula, the real one, as well as his connections with Bram Stocker's Vampire. The documentary, In Search of ...Dracula presents Bran Castle, few images from Transylvania and every time connection is done with the fictional character of Dracula.

Part 2 of the documentary

30 November 2008

The Real Count Dracula

Well, The Real Count Dracula did not exist !! Shocking ? read more...

I was disappointed today to find a video on youtube (I won't link to it but a search on google for The Real Count Dracula would reveal it) with a nice presentation and images from Romania (Braşov , Sighişoara and Poienari Castle ) but a very ...undocumented description by the guys who posted the video. C'mon guys, how can you say that Vlad Dracula "was a minor count in some parts of Transylvania" ?? Are you joking ? First of all Vlad III was NOT a count !
Second, Vlad III Dracula ruled Wallachia, not Transylvania, neither was he a count in Transylvania.
And third, it was not minor at all, he was one of the most important rulers in the XV-th century.

Anyway, the video also presents the commercialism around the myth of Dracula, like the Dracula Hotel, presented as Dracula Castle. Anyway, I would also suggest reading the comments

29 November 2008

Bran Castle how it looks today

Here is amateur production , a clip with images from Bran Castle, presented as Dracula Castle. But we do know that Vlad III had few connections with the border castle of Bran:

28 November 2008

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Bran Castle

Yet another video about the Bran Castle, sometimes referred to as Dracula's Castle. Is just an one minute long slideshow with images from Bran Castle, but it deserves the time, mainly for the beauty of the images.

27 November 2008

Battle of Posada (Middle-Ages history)

Here is a short presentation of the middle ages battle of Posada (1330). Basarab I defeated Charles Robert of Anjou and preserved the suzeranity of the very young country, Wallachia.

History of Wallachia

Here is a brief history of Wallachia documented with old maps and modern maps, from 100 AD to 2000 AD. The clip starts with the presentation of the Dacian empire of Burebista, 110/100 BC - 44 BC. The history goes on with maps of the Roman Empire and it continues until modern days.

The text inserted in the presentation is very clear and comprehensive. The other Romanian historical provinces, Transylvania and Moldova are presented as well.

Music: Ciocârlia (by Gheorghe Zamfir ?)

More about Wallachia's History.

10 November 2008

Count Dracula

A clip from the 1977 movie:

08 November 2008

Sighisoara images

This video presents images from nowadays Sighişoara, birth town of Vlad Dracula
We see images taken from the clock tower, right near the house where Vlad was supposed to be born, images from the medieval town as well as pictures with the clock tower:

01 November 2008

Dracula 2000. Trailer

Dracula 2000. A legend reborn.
Featuring Gerard Butler, Justine Waddell

12 October 2008


I'm very happy for finding this thesis:
Cultural Stereotypes: From Dracula's Myth to Contemporary Diasporic Productions. All credits go to the author , Ms Ileana Popa

True story of Dracula

Well, another documentary about Dracula. Anyway, seems to be quite well informed. A subject that is seldom (or never ?) touched when it comes about Vlad Dracula related documentaries is Vlad receiving the benediction of Pope.

09 October 2008

Story of the real Dracula - on History Channel

Here is a part of a documentary made by History Channel about Vlad Dracula, Romania's Underground.
Computerized reconstitution of the buildings, documented facts but also facts that I would put under a question mark (like the cell where Vlad Dracula was imprisoned) made of this documentary one of the best. History Channel is again at the level of the high expectations I have from them.

Explorations in caves full of bats are spectacular

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave Theme

Soundtrack from "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave Theme":

05 October 2008

The Most Famous Romanian

I recently talked with some Swedish guys about famous Romanians. The most famous Romanian is considered, without any doubt , Dracula. They called it Count Dracula, but we tried to explain the difference between Count Dracula as Bram Stoker has seen it and XV-th century Wallachian ruler Vlad Dracula

02 September 2008

Dracula 2008

Dracula returns to Whitby

25 August 2008

Dracula's Land

Seen by two guys. We can see People's House (Palace of Parliament), Bran Castle, Peles Castle, Sighisoara

20 July 2008

Iced Earth - Dracula

Dracula - Lord of the Damned

here is the trailer of the upcoming movie Dracula - Lord of the Damned, with Davin McPherson, Amanda Lisman, Denise Brown:

06 July 2008

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is presented in this clip as Dracula Castle, although it has little to do with Vlad III Dracula. The video is a compilation of pictures (taken in June 2008) that presents all parts of the castle : stairs, halls, secret passages.

04 July 2008

Dracula (1931) part 8

the final part of Dracula 1931 movie:

Dracula 1931

Bela Lugosi in the 1931 Dracula movie

03 July 2008

Dracula part 6

part 6 of Dracula 1931:

Dracula 1931 - part 5

Here is the part 5 of Dracula, with Bela Lugosi & Dwight Frye.

dracula 1931 - part 4

here is the fourth part:

29 June 2008

Bran Castle, Romania

The famous Bran Castle, better know as Dracula's Castle, even if it's connections with Vlad Dracula were scarce, is presented here in a very nice slide show, with medieval music.

The castle has been built in 1377 - 1378, due to an act of Louis of Anjou, conferring the inhabitants of Braşov "the right to erect in Bran a stone fortress with them own effort and money". Placed on a hill that overlooks the old commercial route between Braşov and Câmpulung, the castle was for long used as a custom. Today the castle and it's courtyard shelters the history and medieval museum and the ethnography museum.

Vlad Ţepeş (1431-1476)

Here is a short presentation of Dracula related places. We have the well-known image of Vlad's unique portrait, a statue of Vlad, the walls of Poienari Castle, the image of impaled people and a coat of arms of the Dragons (second 59 - 61), images from Snagov Monastery:

28 June 2008

Dracula . Raymond McNally

here is a presentation of a CDRom created to present Bram Stoker's Dracula. Myth or reality. Comment by famous historian and middle ages specialist, Raymond McNally.

26 June 2008

Bram Stoker's Dracula storyboard

Here is the storyboard use to conceptualize Coppola's vision of the 1992 Dracula movie:

24 June 2008

Dracula symphony

Dracula - Suite for full orchestra the young French composer Alexis Savelief

23 June 2008

Dracula's Death

here I found an excerpt from "La Mort de Dracula" , the second piece of a Suite for full orchestra of the very young French composer Alexis Savelief (he wrote it when he was only 12)! The Suite was titled "Le Tombeau de Dracula". The three pieces were: I. Dracula / II. La Mort de Dracula / III. Final

Dracula - 1958 trailer by BFI

In 2007 the British Film Institute, BFI has restored the trailer of the 1958 movie Dracula.

see the older, original version of the 1958 trailer here

22 June 2008

Dracula (1958) - Trailer

also known as "Horror of Dracula" and directed by Terence Fisher, the movie, marked with a 7.7 on IMDB is featuring Peter Cushing and
Christopher Lee

Sword of Dracula - Trailer

Dracula 1931

Here is the beggining of the first official Dracula movie, of 1931, produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr and featuring Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye. All in one post, for a better experience:

The Longer I Live - Dracula, The Musical

Thomas Borchert singing "The Longer I Live" (Je länger ich lebe) in the Graz production of Dracula, The Musical.

Dracula (1931) Part 4/8

Here is part 4 of the 1931 Dracula movie, with Bela Lugosi.

Go here to see other Dracula movies, as well as details about the 1931 one.

21 June 2008

Dracula 1931- part 3/8

Third part of the same movie, Dracula (1931), with Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye.

Aboard the Vesta. Bound for England.

20 June 2008

"Dracula" book

Some info on this site are due to Matei Cazacu's book Dracula. I bought it from Milan, Italy, and studied it in Italian, starting two years ago as I cannot find it in Romanian language. It was strange that a Romanian historian living in Paris has written one of the best books about Vlad Dracula and it never appeared in Romanian, neither in English. I only found it in French, Spanish and Italian.

However on this year's book fair in Bucharest, Bookfest 2008 I had the pleasant surprise to see the book published by Humanitas.
Congratulations, Humanitas, for finally publishing it in Romania.
Here is a review of the book.

Dracula 1931 - part2/8

Here is the second part of the 1931 Dracula movie, featuring Bela Lugosi:

see the part 3 of the movie here

19 June 2008

Dracula (1931)

Waw, I found on youtube the 1931 movie Dracula (my favorite by far) .

here is Dracula (1931) classic movie Part 1/8 :

Dracula 1931 - part 2

12 June 2008

Dracula Origin

Dracula Origin tribute to Bela Lugosi and Bauhaus

03 June 2008

Old Horror Movie Trailers

Old Horror Movie Trailers 1 (1930s-1940s):

  • Dracula (1931)

  • Frankenstein (1931)

  • The Mummy (1932)

  • The Mummy's Hand (1940)

  • The Phantom of the Opera (1943)

27 April 2008

Dracula 1979

Here is a video clip from the 1979's movie Dracula, starring Frank Langella and Kate Nelligan. I like it and I'd rather recommend it:

20 April 2008

Freedom cannot be bought - Vlad Tepes

Here is another scene from Vlad Tepes movie:

He exolains to the boyars why we cannot buy freedom. The price might seem small , but it will rise up to the point where the price is freedom itself

12 April 2008

Romanian movie Vlad Tepes

Scenes from the movie "Vlad Tepes", made in Romania in 1979. the film follows Vlad Dracula's life. Music by Iced Earth.

11 April 2008

Vlad Tepes

This is the third party of the movie Vlad Tepes, 1979
When the Ottoman Army reaches Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, they find an empty city and a terrifying image: a forest of impaled (some estimates it to 20.000 people).

08 April 2008

Vlad Tepes 1979

From the Movie "Vlad Tepes", Romania 1979 :

Vlad Dracula attacks the ottoman army by night, on on June 17th, 1462, in an attempt to kill Mehmed. Only missing the Mehmed's tent makes the action fail.

05 April 2008

Vlad Tepes movie

I found a very rare movie on youtube: Vlad Tepes - 1979 (Romaniafilm), directed by Doru Nastase. It has a good mark of 7.8/10.0 and it seems a good movie to me ( I enjoy history and historic movies, so I have seen quite a few):

here is the second part of Vlad Tepes movie

Dracula Advertising

Few minutes ago I was watching a soccer game on TV and I was surprised to discover an advertising for a company Dracula holdem with a nice motto: "it's in your blood !"

04 April 2008

Snagov Monastery

Here is a nice vide-clip about Snagov Monastery, where Dracula is said to be burried.

Snagov Monastery
is placed on an isle on Snagov Lake, 40 km North to Bucharest.

Inside the monatery we can find the largest assembly of medieval frescoes from Wallachia, dating from the XVIth century.
Vlad the Impaler is supposed to be burried here, after being killed in the nearby forest. In the middle of the church a thumb has been discovered, with bones of a man in precious clothes. As the priest explained to me five years ago, his thumb is placed right in front of the altar, so that he obtain forgivness when the priest goes to the altar passin on his thumb.

Then we can see other buildings of Vlad Dracula: Targoviste - his firs royal court, Poienari Castle and the old court in Bucharest (I remind Vlad was the first ruler that moved the royal court to Bucharest)

Comana Monastery, south to Bucharest, has been build by Vlad Tepes in the XV-th century and rebuilt at the end of the XVI-th century.

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Again the scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula, with Gary Oldman. Indeed they speak Romanian, but Vlad III Dracula was not speaking Romanian. Seems like he was speaking a kind of german of that time, only "normal people" were speaking the "romanian" (well, a sort of).

31 March 2008

Crazy guys at Dracula's Castle

Here is a short clip with a beautiful Ferrari, two crazy guys and...Bran Castle. They present Bran as Dracula's Castle, but we know it had few connections with Vlad III Dracula:

30 March 2008

Dracula - Dead and Loving It - Part 2

Second part of "Dracula - Dead and Loving It" by Columbia Pictures, directed by Mel Brooks

As for today, the movie is rated 5.0/10 , but some say it is underrated.

Blood for Dracula

Directed by Paul Morrissey, the movie was released in 1974.
Here is the trailer :

21 March 2008

Nosferatu, Dracula

here are squences from the film Nosferatu, based on Bram Stoker's DRACULA novel:

The film is considered one of the best German expressionist films

05 March 2008

Dracula Castle vs. Bran Castle

I found this video clip about Bran Castle on the Internet. Let's try to analyze it carefully and see where it's true and what are the mistakes, if there are any.

First, it begins with Beethoven's 9th symphony, I like it. Now let's go to the subject:
- "Bran Castle is often named Dracula's Castle" - true. Romania proudly presents Bran as Dracula's Castle but there are other places more closely connected with the history of Vlad III Dracula.

- "First attestation in 1377" - seems to be true, see my other post here about how Bran Castle looked like in the middle ages

- "built on a rock" - indeed, the Castle is erected on a rock between the mountains.

- "Vlad Tepes protected his people from invaders and fight for justice". Well, he indeed he protected Wallachia and he did it very well. And declaratively fought for justice; but what kind of justice is that when he killed innocent kids after killing them parents, just to avoid revenge ?

- Vlad III was well known for the punishment he adopted: the impalement. True. This was not the only method, but maybe his favorite. And the psichological impact over the people is very very powerfull. In fact in romanian ŢEAPA means pale and Ţepeş means the impaler.

- Almost any crime from lying and stealing to killing could be punished by imaplement. TRUE. and any potential political rival could be punished the same.

- Dracula used various methods of torture, including cutting the limbs, blinding, strangulation...burning, cutting the nose, etc - true. But there is another reason beneath these tortures: Physical integrity was a must for acceding to the Wallachian throne, therefore some of the political rivals were being mutilated just to became unable to seize the throne anymore (during the history we met some exceptions from this rule however).

- Death by impalement was slow and painfull - true. Sometime I might post another...well...post, only about this. Vital organs where not affected directly so it could last for days and days. Dying usually happened by thirsty.

- Vlad Tepes was killed by Laiota Basarab and died in a forest near Bucharest - not entirely true: we don't know who killed Vlad , there are three possible reasons for his death. Indeed, he died somehere near Bucharest.

- In this forest there is a lake called "witches". Here is always foggy and thunder and lightning hits forest frequently. Animals never touch the water and people talk about a lot of strange things that happened in past times. Officialy there is no lake with this name, at least as far as I know. About the fog, thunders and the rest, this is still to be proved.

- We need a new leader for our people to fight for justice- That's absolutely TRUE.

The last two minutes are really beautiful and I prefer not to ruin them with my commets.
Overall the video is really nice and I have to thank the author for posting it.

04 March 2008

Dracula brand

French writer of romanian roots, Jean-Loup Sulitzer negiciated with Local Council of Braşov promoting of Dracula brand. For promoting the brand „Dracula Braşov Transilvania”, the Local Council of Braşov had to invest 2% of the total amount and obtain 20% of the income.

"We talk about promoting the legend represented by Dracula worldwide" declared Sulitzer; but did not answer journalists' questions about the estimated income, neither did he answer the questions about the business plan. Sulitzer is under process in France for arms traffic and money washing, and he admited it. He threatened the journalists that he will suit everyone who would dare writing something bad about him.

Dracula's Castle in books

I have recently been in UK. While browsing Patricia Schultz's book "1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List" in Waterstone's I stopped at the pages about Romania. Few pages, of which I was mainly interested if she mentions any connection with Dracula. Of course, "Count Dracula's Castle in Romania" was presented as being Bran Castle. As mentioned before, Vlad III Dracula was not a count, but a Wallachia’s ruler.
Also, he has few connections with Bran Castle, seems like he only staid there for a few nights, so this can hardly be considered as Dracula's Castle.

I was really disappointed. A book that seems very serious, with lots of references all over the Internet, is not documented. the places shown are really interesting, mainly the Italian points, but I would like to see some serious info , not just the tourist buzz-places.

Anyway, I'm happy to find out that Dracula related places are among the 1000 most interesting places in the world.

16 February 2008

Count Dracula - The Truth

In fact the documentary is more about the legend of Dracula - the ruler of Wallachia than about "Count Dracula" - Bram Stoker's character:

We get presented Bran Castle - considered by the majority of tourists as "Dracula Castle". However it has only few connections with our Vlad III - Dracula. Please take a look at this fantastic documentary to see what Bran Castle looked like in the middle-ages.
The movie continues with the affirmation that "Bram Stoker never visited Transylvania". We are not sure about this. He might have visited it, however. Sighisoara is presented, with the house where Vlad Dracula is supposed to be born.
And of course, Poienari, build by the noblemen, as well as Targoviste.

The second part of the documentary is dedicated to the events in 1989, with the fall of Ceausescu and of the so-called communist regime.

Dracula-Before the Dawn

Here is another nice video-clip made with scenes from Bram Stoker's Dracula movie:

05 January 2008

Dracula Unleashed

Dracula inspired also some video games, like Dracula Unleashed:
Whatch the intro here: