26 March 2009

Clock Tower in Sighişoara

Work is going on in Sighişoara, digging under the clock tower, few meters away from the house where Vlad Dracula is supposedly born:
As no specialist from "protection of cultural heritage" is on spot, and some approvals from the Ministry of Culture seem to be missing, this is really concerning.

23 March 2009

The Amazing Race near Bran Castle

The Amazing Race went to Romania. Even if they present Bran as Dracula's Castle, I linked to the video because it gives opportunity to see the places around Bran, the way a hiking trail look, as well as the castle itself, seen from all angles:

Once more, for Romania Dracula proofs to be the most powerful brand so far.

18 March 2009

Hunedoara Castle and Dracula

Hunedoara Castle and Dracula

Just a set of images of Vlad III Dracula and the Castle in Hunedoara where he was held prisoner by Matthias Corvinus, after his second reign: