27 April 2008

Dracula 1979

Here is a video clip from the 1979's movie Dracula, starring Frank Langella and Kate Nelligan. I like it and I'd rather recommend it:

20 April 2008

Freedom cannot be bought - Vlad Tepes

Here is another scene from Vlad Tepes movie:

He exolains to the boyars why we cannot buy freedom. The price might seem small , but it will rise up to the point where the price is freedom itself

12 April 2008

Romanian movie Vlad Tepes

Scenes from the movie "Vlad Tepes", made in Romania in 1979. the film follows Vlad Dracula's life. Music by Iced Earth.

11 April 2008

Vlad Tepes

This is the third party of the movie Vlad Tepes, 1979
When the Ottoman Army reaches Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, they find an empty city and a terrifying image: a forest of impaled (some estimates it to 20.000 people).

08 April 2008

Vlad Tepes 1979

From the Movie "Vlad Tepes", Romania 1979 :

Vlad Dracula attacks the ottoman army by night, on on June 17th, 1462, in an attempt to kill Mehmed. Only missing the Mehmed's tent makes the action fail.

05 April 2008

Vlad Tepes movie

I found a very rare movie on youtube: Vlad Tepes - 1979 (Romaniafilm), directed by Doru Nastase. It has a good mark of 7.8/10.0 and it seems a good movie to me ( I enjoy history and historic movies, so I have seen quite a few):

here is the second part of Vlad Tepes movie

Dracula Advertising

Few minutes ago I was watching a soccer game on TV and I was surprised to discover an advertising for a company Dracula holdem with a nice motto: "it's in your blood !"

04 April 2008

Snagov Monastery

Here is a nice vide-clip about Snagov Monastery, where Dracula is said to be burried.

Snagov Monastery
is placed on an isle on Snagov Lake, 40 km North to Bucharest.

Inside the monatery we can find the largest assembly of medieval frescoes from Wallachia, dating from the XVIth century.
Vlad the Impaler is supposed to be burried here, after being killed in the nearby forest. In the middle of the church a thumb has been discovered, with bones of a man in precious clothes. As the priest explained to me five years ago, his thumb is placed right in front of the altar, so that he obtain forgivness when the priest goes to the altar passin on his thumb.

Then we can see other buildings of Vlad Dracula: Targoviste - his firs royal court, Poienari Castle and the old court in Bucharest (I remind Vlad was the first ruler that moved the royal court to Bucharest)

Comana Monastery, south to Bucharest, has been build by Vlad Tepes in the XV-th century and rebuilt at the end of the XVI-th century.

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Again the scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula, with Gary Oldman. Indeed they speak Romanian, but Vlad III Dracula was not speaking Romanian. Seems like he was speaking a kind of german of that time, only "normal people" were speaking the "romanian" (well, a sort of).