10 June 2007

Dracula related places -Sighisoara, Bran Castle, Targoviste

Places related to the story of Vlad Dracula

Understanding the real life of Vlad Dracula means also contextualizing the facts, trying to imagine him in the medieval age, with people, habits, culture and the places of that age. Therefore this corner presents that places, at least what is still existing today.

SIGHIŞOARA - the medieval town

Sighisoara is the birth place of Vlad III, and the place where the future Dracula spent it's childhood. Have a look at this posts to have a better image of Sighisoara:

Poienari Castle

If we know today that Bran Castle can hardly be connected with Vlad III Dracula, than which is the real Dracula Castle ?

Targsor Prahova

is less known as being connected with the myth of Dracula, therefore is the less touristy of all Dracula places.

Medieval Saxon Citadels

A great cultural heritage of Transylvania are the medieval citadels and fortified churches. Few people know, but there are about 1000 middle-age fortifications in Romania.

In April number National Geographic Romania published some great images aiming reconstitue the way this fortification looked.

Snagov Monastery

Vlad Tepes' buildings: Snagov, Comana, Târgovişte, Poienari, Bucharest Old Court

Slide-show presenting Snagov Monastery and Lake

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