06 July 2008

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is presented in this clip as Dracula Castle, although it has little to do with Vlad III Dracula. The video is a compilation of pictures (taken in June 2008) that presents all parts of the castle : stairs, halls, secret passages.


Henoc said...

Hello, I like your blog. So far I know the Bran Castle was used by Vlad only in a very short part of his life, isn't? Have you read Elizabeth Kostova yet?


Radu said...


Well, by most probabilities Vlad III only spent one night (or several nights) in Bran Castle when he attacked Brasov in 1457. Please refer to this post for details about Vlad's attack over Brasov

Well, I haven't read Elizabeth Kostova, I shall find some time to do it. Is interesting ?

Henoc said...

Yes it is intersting her book "The Historian". Well, at least it is to me because i enjoy both faces of the character DrĂ¡cula, the "impaler" one and the vampire one. Maybe just one really existed, but both are inmortals in humanity. So this book is a novel, fiction, but mixes history facts and places, it is almost a "guide to Vlad's life" but making the impaler also the vampire.

For what i had seen in your blog, i am sure that you would enjoy it. In fact i discover your blog tracking Vlad's information coming from that book of hers, i am sure much more people has coming her by that way.

Ok, catch ya later.