30 November 2008

The Real Count Dracula

Well, The Real Count Dracula did not exist !! Shocking ? read more...

I was disappointed today to find a video on youtube (I won't link to it but a search on google for The Real Count Dracula would reveal it) with a nice presentation and images from Romania (Braşov , Sighişoara and Poienari Castle ) but a very ...undocumented description by the guys who posted the video. C'mon guys, how can you say that Vlad Dracula "was a minor count in some parts of Transylvania" ?? Are you joking ? First of all Vlad III was NOT a count !
Second, Vlad III Dracula ruled Wallachia, not Transylvania, neither was he a count in Transylvania.
And third, it was not minor at all, he was one of the most important rulers in the XV-th century.

Anyway, the video also presents the commercialism around the myth of Dracula, like the Dracula Hotel, presented as Dracula Castle. Anyway, I would also suggest reading the comments

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