09 December 2008

Dracula Related Images and Objects

I just found this slideshow presenting some interesting old maps, three portraits of Vlad Dracula (of which the first is the copy on the only one preserved since it's XV-th century, the ancient badge and cross of the Order of the Dragon, The Night Attack a painting by Theodor Aman, one of Romania's most famous painters.
We also get presented images from Chindia Tower, at 00:31
Very interesting is:
- Vlad Dracula's coat of arms, at 00:36 - 00:40
- a map of Europe in the XV-th century - is clearly how Wallachia and Moldova were under pressure from the big empires: the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman one,
- a detailed map of Wallachia;
- one image from a cemetery, I'm quite sure is from the cemetery in Sighişoara.

Well, a good slideshow, congratulations to the author!

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