07 February 2007

Dracula Media Library

Dracula movies, documentaries, pictures, songs

This part of the project “Dracula – The Truth” is grouping together short movie clips about Dracula (both artistic movies like the one of Francis Ford Coppola and documentaries), pictures, sound-tracks or songs, lyrics where available, etc.

Because one of the main purposes of this project is separating the myth from the truth about Dracula I think the best way to do this media library is splitting it from the very beginning in two main parts: artistic movies and documentaries. Therefore it’ll be easier to differentiate the Bram Stocker’s Dracula character from the real Vlad Tepeş, aka Vlad Dracula. The documentaries (but also the artistic part) will not be strictly limited to Dracula, but try to present the entire middle-age in Wallachia and Transylvania and to the places where he lived and that can still be visited.

I found some very nice media documents about Dracula’s Castle, for example and I took pretty good pictures of Snagov Monastery, Sighişoara, Târgşor and other places directly connected with the story of Vlad III Dracula.

Envisaging this I started the media library with the artistic part, presenting a nice scene from the movie Bram stocker’s Dracula, featuring Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman.

The media library also contains some documentary video presenting Vlad III Dracula's history.

Audio books
By now I only found one good audio book - Dracula.

Of course, pertinent comments are always welcomed.

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