26 April 2007

Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) preparing to seize the Wallachian Throne

After the Moldavian prince Bogdan II gets killed by the men of Petru Aron Vlad goes to Transylvania, probably Sighisoara or Brasov.

John Hunyadi seems to tolerate this as he was afraid Vlad will form an ally with the Turks.
But was not a good moment for that. the new sultan, that will remain in history as
Mehmed II the Conqueror, son of Murad II, was preparing the siege over Constantinople and for this he needed to conclude the peace with Hungary and Austria. On November, 20th, 1451 he signed a three years armistice with Hungary. This was also considering the position of Vladislav, principle of Walachia. His throne was "guaranteed" until the end of the armistice, and if he dies before the end of the armistice no part would have the power to nominate a principle, therefore they will respect the one that the country will choose.

On February, 6th, 1452, Hunyadi sends a letter to inhabitants of Brasov, mentioning that Vlad Dracula is preparing to attack Vladislav, the Wallachian Prince. He announces them that he has signed a non-belligerence agreement, therefore he will do nothing against Vladislav. Because he knows that Vlad lives in Brasov and prepares to conquer the Wallachian throne without letting him (Hunyadi) know and against his wish. Therefore the inhabitants of Brasov had to disallow Vlad to pass into Wallachia, and to capture him.

Therefore, as Vlad is under his protection he will take care that he is safe and sends him to Moldavia. In Moldavia was Alexandrel occupying the throne again (he had easily defeated Petru Aron with the help of Poland’s King. Vlad however leaves Brasov heading West, to exit the Saxons territory. He was had to avoid not only Hhunyadi’s men, but also the inhabitants of Sibiu, that were forbidding him to enter them town (Stuhl). In Geoagiu, near Orastie, two men of Hunyadi set him a trap that could have been fatal. Vlad III manages to escape and address Hunyadi directly. This one proposes Vlad III to take him under his protection as a subordinate, but Vlad, son of a prince, refuses. This irritates John Hunyadi (Iancu de Hunedoara - in Romanian) which sends Vlad to Moldova (as results from a letter that Iancu de Hunedoara sent to the inhabitants of Brasov in 1452, March, 30th).

On October, 6th,1453 Alexander swear fidelity and obedience to King of Poland. In fact Moldavia was paying tribute to the Ottoman Empire since May, the same year.

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