30 April 2007

Dracula is given his throne back

In 1476 Dracula is given his throne back, after the Hungarian king finds out that the letter sent to him many years ago was a fake. Vlad has to marry his daughter, a roman-catholic. Like that he will have money from the Pope. He accepts and goes back to Wallachia. He finds out that his brother Radu (that remained in history under the name Radu the Handsome. He give the noblemen the privileges back and made Aron (Dracula's father-in-low and betrayer) the chief advisor. After many years of absence he finally gets to see his son, Vlad, and give him his ring, the ring that belonged to Vlad Dracul. He gets excommunicated by the Orthodox Church. He did not renounce Catholicism, as this would mean missing support of the Pope and the Hungarian King.

Vlad III finds out from father Stefan where his brother Radu is, he goes there to meet him and they start fighting.

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