01 May 2007

movie about Dracula. "Dark Prince - The Truth About Dracula"

The final part of the movie Dark Prince. The Truth about Dracula presents Vlad fighting his brother Radu in Snagov monastery and initially defeating him. However Radu is not alone and the guards help him.
His father-in-low Aron as well as Father Stefan are all there. He is considered Antichrist for fighting his own people and his own religion, however he explains he did never fight God! Betrayed by father Stefan, that Dracula accused has killed his father Vlad Dracul, he finally gets killed by Radu, his own brother. Here I have to mention the movie is fara away from the historic truth, most evidence presents Vlad Dracula's death as on the battlefield, somewhere in the southern part of Bucharest (I'll post more especially about this as it seems to be a lot of controversial about the death of Vlad III Dracula - the place as well as the way he died.

Father Stefan dies by heart attack when he meets Dracula's phantom, the doomed spirit rest undead for etenity:

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