28 July 2007

Vlad the Impaler - Discovery documentary

Vlad the Impaler - Dracula.

The second part of the documentary about Vlad Dracula presents the reign of Vlad Dracula from his second ascent to the Wallachian throne. Professor Raymond Mc Nally , author, together with Prof. Radu R. Florescu of the book "Dracula - prince of many faces", is a real Dracula expert, as well as Matei Cazacu.

Is presented his revenge over the boyars (that allegedly killed his father and elder brother Mircea); boyars are send to build the castle of Poienari, still considered the real Dracula Castle.
The impaling technique is also presented, however so far I haven't heard of any serious proof that Vlad was putting his bread in the blood of the people he was impaling.
The war of 1462, against the Sultan Mehmed II presents impressive war strategy for that time.
Anyway, let's better watch the documentary:

The first part of the documentary is here
The last part of the presentation of Vlad Dracula in the Discovery's series of Most Evil Men in History.

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