08 November 2007

Bela Lugosi, the Fallen Vampire

Bela Lugosi, The Fallen Vampire

300.000 Euro and a young, ambitious director, Florin Iepan. The result is a Romanian documentary about the life of Bela Lugosi..
"Bela Lugosi, The Fallen Vampire" is a very recent production made by a team of 30 -40 actors: Romanians, Hungarians, Americans, Irish. The documentary has been shot during three years, in America, Austria, Germania, Hungary and Romania (Lugoj).

Born in 1882 in Transylvania, in a small town called Lugoj, Bela Lugosi (Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko on his real name), has a fascinating life. Few people know that before going to Hollywood and playing Dracula, he interpreted Jesus Christ at the National Theater in Budapest.

The movie that made him famous in 1931, Dracula, also destroyed him; after that he accepted roles less important, even playing in "Plan nine from outer space", by Ed Wood, one of the worst movies ever.
Bela Lugosi remained so addicted to the character of Dracula that he was playing it even in the real life, during the interviews for example.

Did you know that Bela Lugosi has been burried wearing the suit of Dracula, that made him famous and meantime has been made famous by Bela ?

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