16 February 2008

Count Dracula - The Truth

In fact the documentary is more about the legend of Dracula - the ruler of Wallachia than about "Count Dracula" - Bram Stoker's character:

We get presented Bran Castle - considered by the majority of tourists as "Dracula Castle". However it has only few connections with our Vlad III - Dracula. Please take a look at this fantastic documentary to see what Bran Castle looked like in the middle-ages.
The movie continues with the affirmation that "Bram Stoker never visited Transylvania". We are not sure about this. He might have visited it, however. Sighisoara is presented, with the house where Vlad Dracula is supposed to be born.
And of course, Poienari, build by the noblemen, as well as Targoviste.

The second part of the documentary is dedicated to the events in 1989, with the fall of Ceausescu and of the so-called communist regime.

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