04 March 2008

Dracula's Castle in books

I have recently been in UK. While browsing Patricia Schultz's book "1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List" in Waterstone's I stopped at the pages about Romania. Few pages, of which I was mainly interested if she mentions any connection with Dracula. Of course, "Count Dracula's Castle in Romania" was presented as being Bran Castle. As mentioned before, Vlad III Dracula was not a count, but a Wallachia’s ruler.
Also, he has few connections with Bran Castle, seems like he only staid there for a few nights, so this can hardly be considered as Dracula's Castle.

I was really disappointed. A book that seems very serious, with lots of references all over the Internet, is not documented. the places shown are really interesting, mainly the Italian points, but I would like to see some serious info , not just the tourist buzz-places.

Anyway, I'm happy to find out that Dracula related places are among the 1000 most interesting places in the world.

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