03 July 2012

Romanian History denied DNA examination

Recently, the ministry of culture started the project GENESIS, which aims to clarify some aspects of Romanian history.
DNA samples were supposed to be taken from some bones belonging to Basarab dynasty. Vlaicu Vodă's grave from Biserica Domnească, in the town of Curtea de Argeș was the first to be opened, on June 27th 2012, after 700 years. Vlaicu Vodă, alias Vladislav I of Wallachia was the ruler of Wallachia between 1364 – 1377 and was succeeded on throne by Radu I and belonged to the House of Basarab, as well as Vlad Dracula. Here is a short movie from the exhumation (in Romanian):

For more details please refer to this short history of Wallachia

Researchers were then supposed to open the grave of Mircea I the Elder, grandfather of Vlad III, however the new minister of culture, Puiu Hasotti, denied authorization for DNA samples.

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