05 July 2012

Vlad Tepes Movie, 1982 (English subtitles)

I dare to consider this a great discovery and a great addition for  the media library: Vlad Tepes movie, from 1982. Is the full movie here and what is good about this is that it has subtitles in English. 
In order to better understand the movie, I'd recommend spending some time (10 - 15 minutes) to read a little the life of Vlad Dracula (follow the links at the end of each post to read through different parts of his life).
The movie starts with the second reign of Vlad, starting with 1456, when he enters Wallachia with his troops and regains Wallachia's throne after killing Vladislav II (the movie in fact presents a boyar killing Vladislav II and than being killed by Vlad, for betrayal)

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