25 March 2007

The Dark Prince (True Story of Dracula): the exile and return to Transylvania

the second part of this great film presenting the real history of Dracula.
Of course, here also there are some comment but let's follow the movie first. Dracula's exile in the Ottoman Empire is presented, his first meet with the sultan. The name of the sultan is not Mehmed but Murad II.
As far as I know there is no real proof that the sultan cut Radu's chest with a knife, neither that he put Vlad on a bad treatment while he was there. Also is probable that only Mircea, Draula's big brother, has been buried alive by the nobles, not his father Vlad Dracul. Also, is 1448 the year of Vlad's liberation from the Turks to seize the Wallachian throne, not 1455. In 1455 he was already in relations with John Hunyadi and was preparing the occupy the Wallachian Throne for the second time.

here is the movie, nevertheless very interesting:

Part 3

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