07 March 2007

Informative video about Dracula

I found this very nice short documentary about Dracula:

While is true that Vlad did not live in Bran Castle, the rest of the documentary is correct and I recommend it for having a first idea about Vlad III - Dracula !

The narrator says about Snagov Monastery: "there is no way to get there but by boat", however in the winter of 2005 I guided two American photographers there and passed on the ice covering the whole lake! Also the villagers in the movie don't look like Gypsy (as he says) :). Maybe one of them is the guy that walked next to us in the winter and took the biggest risk of an ice crash. (he was fishing in the lake).
Also there are very intense controversial about Snagov Monastery being the place where the body of Vlad the Impaler is buried.

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