18 March 2007

Romania - not only Dracula

Seems to be some problems with Blogger, I lost all this post after writing it (and it was a so nice one....:( )

Anyway I waas presenting the video clip below? As I said, I intend to present not only Dracula but also the places where he lived, as they were in the middle age, as they are today.

the video presents :
- a fortified church in Transylvania;
- an image from Sapanta Merry Cemetery in Maramures;
- Palace of Culture in Iasi,
- Silva Hotel in Busteni resort, at the foothills of Carpathian Mountains;
- People's House, second largest building in the World, resutl of Ceausescu's megalomany;
- the cazino in Constanta;
- another image from the Carpathians;
- a traditional Romanian house;
- The Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj-Napoca
- ...
- a traditional village image (might be from the museum of traditional civilization in Sibiu;
- Peles Castle in Sinaia, former residence of Romania's Royal Family;
- a modern statue...I can't recall the city;
- Paragliding in Romania, maybe at Bunloc;
- an overview of Brasov City
- two images from a traditional festival in Transylvania;
- the high tower of a church;
- a beach at Black Sea;
- the Black Church in Brasov, sheltering the biggest organon in central ans Eastern Europe;
- another image of Peles Castle;
- a realxing landscape on the pre-Carpathian Hills - the moutnain behind seems to be Piatra Craiului, so the image is taken from the village of Sirnea or Fundata, near Bran Caslte;
- an image from Bucharest, once called the Little Paris;
- another picture with the Carpathian Mountains...
- ...and another one of Peles Castle;
- an image of Bicaz Lake
- and one with a mountain river;
- an image from a Transylvanian town, almost surely from Sibiu;

RO! "Not Only Dracula!" - Amazing videos are here

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