06 October 2007

Best Version of Dracula ?

The final scene the the 1977 BBC's movie.

Discutions over who's better Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee or Louis Jordan will be forever, but I think the value of a movie is not given only by the main actor, but the scenery , music, etc.

When asked if she's afraid, Mina's answers: "Of course not, I'm in your hands!". Mina (interpreted by Judi Bowker) has a complexe role, she saves Jonathan by shooting one of count's men.

After the fight the atmosphere slowly become creepy as they reach Dracula's cave in the castle (Alnwick Castle has been used as location). Interesting what happens when they kill Vampire Dracula by sunset, in his cave. He evaporates as a powerfull steam. Nothing remains out the the Count's body. Profesor Van Helsing (Frank Finley) thanks God for protecting them and for choosing them to be His instruments (in getting rid of the vampire).

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