27 October 2007

Medieval People in Transylvania

People's mentality in middle ages, domintated by the permanent threats of the Evil as well as the simbol of Lyon as opposer of the Evil (represented by the Devil), are presented in this sixth episode.The Devil's representations were threatening and infernal. We are presented the St. Michael church in Cluj, the first example of hall church in Transylvania. The church was attracting all social classes: the beggars were lamenting showing them wounds and handicaps, while the big noblemen and rich people were exposing them jeweleries and luxurious clothes.
The medieval town of Sibiu (European Capital of Culture in 2007) is then presented, big and powerfull. Its walls, large and solid are very well fortified, with thick towers and an water moat surrounding it all around, except for the East. Is the image about Sibiu given five centuries ago by Nicholaus Olahus, nobleman archbishop and diplomat.The misterious and ocult life of Dr. Hinigberger is then presented.

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