25 October 2007

Fortified Citadels in Transylvania

Printing in medieval ages, the quality of prints during Gutemberg, as well as it's evolution is presented in this part of the Transylvania Documentary.
Also, the Transylvania in the XVIth century, with all the problems derived from the proclamation as autonomous principality (like internal fights for power, etc).
The knighting ceremony is led by a bishop, who was blessing the sword of the future knight. But on the battlefield this was much more glorious.
Codlea citadel, near Braşov, is presented. It has been unsuccesfully besieged by a captain of Vlad Dracula, that was punished by impaling.
Făgăraş citadel , at the foothills of the mountains, was like a small dukedom, the Făgăraş noblemen obeying the castleman as them ruler. The besiege of Făgăraş was led by Dracula itself.
The walls of Prejmer are about 5 meters thick at the bottom. On the inside there are a lot of rooms, connected by porches and small balconies. The altar in Evangelical Church of Mediaş, with Austrian and Deutch influences presents bible scenes that were educating people in the middle ages.

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