24 October 2007

Transylanian History

This is the fourth part of the documentary about Tranyslvania. This part speaks about the saxon collonial population, the reason why they left Saxonia and arrived in the eastern part of austro-hungarian Empire. Also while admiring images from Sighişoara, we learn about the way the small town was ruled, the town's defending walls and towers. The tournament is presented as a game of love, as having the motivation in showing the beloved girl what the man is able to do in order to protect his worhiped lover. The apparition of the numerous fortified churches is also explained. Each village fortified the church and even build arond strong defensive fortifications. Even Mattheus Corvin, son of John Huniady, helped the villagers build the fortifications, by temporary cutting the taxes and not asking them to contribute to the king's army. The defending methods are all concentrated around the citadel (example the fortification of Apold). More concentric walls have been built, so if the enemy would succed overpass the first wall it'll be much more difficult to pass the others. When a peril were announced, villagers were brought the assets and cattle inside the fortress, the entrance bridge was closed and the warriors were going to the surveing positions.
Biertan fortified citadel, the most famous of all of them, is also presented, as well as Harman, Câlnic, Sebeş, each of them helping understand the life of the inhabitants and the military defending systems.

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